Since our foundation in 1993, we have been working in many different sectors and developing hundreds of new projects. We have a long history in our backs and many new projects for the future.

July 2018 - ADTelecom's team is invited to give a speech at the "ESNC Catalonia Challenge 2018 kick-off Barcelona" to explain its case of success as current winners of the competition.

February 2018 - ADTelecom is granted by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 programme for the DANTE: Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection.

2017 - ADTelecom's project DANTE is awarded as the most innovative solution using satellite navigation in Catalonia by the European Satellite Navigation Competition, sponsored by the European Comission and the GSA.

2010 - We begin manufacturing the coverage expander RIT380, the first in the market to cancel echo. We are pioneers in developing these type of devices and we have done important innovations in the field of signal processing with minimum delay.

2010 - The Generalitat de Catalunya chooses ADTelecom to develop its helicopter video capture network, allowing image transmission from any helicopter in Catalonia.

2009 - The Nanosat 1B satellite is lauched. We have developed its communication systems, which include a low speed transceiver in UHF and in S band, which allows communications up until 2 Mbits.

2008 - We begin working in the aeronautics field with an EFIS system for sport aircrafts. We begin developement of a device for monitoring wind in airports.

2006 - ADTelecom begins working in the chemical sector developing a molecular chemical device based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technology. This has resulted in the creation of a blood analysis device using spectroscopic techniques.

2005 - We begin developement of optical technologies.

2004 - Our first space projects begins. Nanosat 01 is launched with our devices on board.