The technology developed by AD TELECOM covers a DC to 26GHz range and provide solutions in the fields of radio-frequency and microwaves. The technology has been applied in sectors such as communications, security and health-care industry. AD TELECOM has a thorough expertise in the design and development of high-quality microwave circuits. The design includes the development of hardware based on microstrip and stripline technology in printed circuits. The technology enables a very low-cost implementation of printed filters and adaptive networks.


AD Telecom has a great capacity for the development of projects including control systems based on microprocessors. The know-how has been acquired by using different devices in the development of telecommunications equipment such as the H8S family (Renesas), the HCS09 family (Freescale), modules based on RabbitCore and eCO1GX (Cyan Technology) or Telit modems programmed in Python, among others.


The Signal Processing team holds 10 years of experience on the research of efficient implementation of signal processing algorithms over Digital Signal Processors (DSP) or FPGA devices.


The today’s research society demands for customized products with high performance and efficient implementation of complex digital signal processing techniques. In AD Telecom, we exploit our experience in two different ways:

- Design and implementation of complete signal processing systems

- Development of Intellectual Property blocks (IP)


Signal processing is a broad research field that encompasses many areas of communications, such as synchronization procedures, Doppler compensation or channel estimation. The custom developed systems are:

  • Single-carrier receiver for QPSK modulated signal

  • DVB-Sand DVB-T transceiver.

  • Generic OFDM transceiver

  • GPS receiver

  • PPM modulator and demodulator for optical link

  • Forward Error Correction (FEC). Our library of customized FEC modules implemented on FPGA.

  • Signal processing is used for numerous remote sensing applications such as altimetry, measurements of the sea state or the dry snow thickness in Greenland.

  • ECHO cancellation for radio frequency (RF) signal re-generation

  • Digital Linearizer to compensate non-linear response of custom power amplifiers.

  • Novel signal processing techniques to measure the speed of wind.



Photonic technologies are already widely established in long distance communication networks, and are currently arising a great interest in the use of applications not just in telecommunications, but also in other industrial areas. The photonic sensors market is a clear example of crossed sector applications with one of the more expected growing areas.


AD TELECOM has gathered during 10 years an extensive experience in the development of communication equipment for LEO orbit Nano-Satellites with SDR (Software Defined Radio) technology. AD TELECOM has provided the communication systems of the satellites NanoSat-01 and NanoSat-1B, which have been developed by INTA (National Institute for Aerospace Technology) and are currently in orbit (launched in December 2004 and July 2009 repectively).