The European Union has established the standard TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) with the goal of satisfying the needs of voice and data radio services. The standard regulates the radio-communication systems of security forces: police, fire-fighters and civil defence. The regulation assures the compatibility between radio networks in different countries. That enables the collaboration between squads of different countries in emergency situations.

The standard requires the presence of signal in all the public areas and those susceptible of requiring the help of security forces in case of accident or catastrophe. It is then required the presence of TETRA signal in road tunnels, metro, high-capacity parking and sport facilities among many others.

The networks mentioned below have been chosen ADTELECOM's equipment to enhance their area of coverage:

- RESCAT networks covering the whole territory of Catalonia.


- FERROCARRILS DE LA GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA, the suburban train of Catalonia.

- DEPARTAMENTO DE INTERIOR DEL PAÍS VASCO: Internal Security of the Basque Country.

- CIRCUIT OF JEREZ: Racing circuit located close to Jerez de la Frontera.