2010 Starts manufacturing of coverage enhancer RIT380. It is the first coverage enhancer for outdoor applications based on echo cancellation. ADTelecom has pioneered the development of this kind of equipment, having to perform important innovations in the field of signal processsing with minimum delay

2010 The Department for Home Affairs of the Generalitat de Catalunya chooses AD Telecom equipment for the video transmission network from helicopters. This network allows the transmission of video signals from any helicopter flying over the territory of Catalonia

2009 Take off of the scientific satellite Nanosat1B. AD TELECOM has developed its communications system, including a low speed, UHF transceiver and an S-band transceiver that allows communications at speeds up to 2 Mbps.

2008 Start activities in the aeronautics market with the development of an EFIS system for sport aircrafts. Starts the development of instrumentation for wind profile monitoring in airports.

2006 Start company activities focused on chemical sector, with the development of a chemical-molecular analysis device, based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. The development in this sector has continued with the development of a blood analysis equipment based on spectroscopic techniques.

2005 Start activities in optical technologies with the participacion in the project DeepOpt, consisting in an optical link for outer space communication applications. This project, enclosed in the Eureka program, was carried out in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Barcelona and the Swiss company Oerlikon. AD Telecom currently has a laboratoy equipped with optical spectrum analyzers, optical testbench, kits of lenses, diaphragms, optical filters, laser light sources, etc.

2004 The first project for space sector carried out in AD TELECOM is sent to the space with the scientific satellite Nanosat 01. That satellite was completely developed in INTA (National Institute for Aerospace Technique). The company is currently collaborating with INTA in the development of communication systems for scientific satellites.

2003 Development of equipment for transmission of MPEG2 compressed video with broadcast quality, through SDH lines at 2 Mbps.

2001 Development of fist digital terrestrial television receiver for MATV systems.